Transforming ideas into innovative products

The passion for transforming ideas into innovative products has driven Royal Sanders to focus on 10 major consumer product categories. Royal Sanders' broad product range covers all key target consumer groups, which includes men, women, children and babies.

  • Face Care

    • Royal Sanders offers many options to meet consumers' daily, weekly or speciality face care needs. All of these products have been formulated to moisturise, revitalise and cleanse the skin. The range includes:

      • Face wash cream / gel
      • Face scrub
      • Cleansing milk / tonic
      • Eye & Face cream / gel
      • After shave lotion / balm
  • Bath, Shower & Handwash

    • Royal Sanders has a strong line of bath and shower products formulated to hydrate, relax and energise the skin. This ranges from everyday treatments such as showergels, to luxury product lines such as aromatherapy bath oils:

      • Shower gel
      • Hand soap
      • Hand scrub / body scrub / foot scrub
      • Foam bath
      • Foot bath
      • Bath oil
      • Liquid soap
      • Shower foam / gel aerosol
  • Baby Toiletries

    • We offer a wide range of baby toiletry products which are developed to the highest quality standards to help care for baby’s delicate skin and hair. Products include:

      • Foam bath / Bath oil
      • Body wash / Head To Toe Wash
      • Shampoo
      • Body lotion / -cream
      • Body oil
      • Diaper cream
  • Hair Care

    • With a vast array of unique hair care products Royal Sanders offers solutions that are specially designed to strengthen, nourish and repair many different hair types. Royal Sanders is continuously developing its core as well as its specialised hair care products:

      • Shampoo
      • Conditioner
      • Hair mask
      • Hair tonic
      • Hair serum
  • Hair Styling

    • Royal Sanders' experts are continually developing new and improved ways to create different styles for all varieties of hair. All hair styling products are designed to give the best all-round performance. The product portfolio includes:

      • Hair spray
      • Hair lacquer
      • Hair mousse
      • Styling gel
      • Styling paste
      • Hair wax

  • Body Care

    • Royal Sanders offers market leading moisturising body care products especially formulated and clinically proven to sooth and moisture all skin types. The extensive assortment includes:

      • Body lotion
      • Body milk
      • Body butter
      • Body cream
      • Body gel
      • Hand cream & lotion
      • Hand & nail balsam
      • Foot cream / balsam
      • Depilatory cream / foam
  • Deodorants

    • Royal Sanders' advanced technology deodorants for men and women combine long lasting protection with sensitive care. Providing a broad range of deodorant products targeting: 24, 48 and 72-hour protection, antiperspirant, alcohol-free and sensitive skin care. The product range includes numerous form factors, available in an array of scents:

      • Spray aerosol
      • Pump spray
      • Roll on
      • Lotion
      • Stick
      • Cream
  • Fine Fragrances

    • The knowledge and experience that Royal Sanders has developed over 150 years gives the company unique insights into tailoring fine fragrances that match each customer's unique cultural identity. The brands and companies Royals Sanders works with are respected worldwide in the perfume industry. The portfolio includes:

      • Eau de Toilette
      • Eau de Perfume
      • Shower gel
      • Body lotion
      • Deo spray
      • Deo stick
  • Oral Care

    • Maintaining good oral hygiene helps to prevent many common oral health conditions. Oral Care products can be developed with fluoride, specifically for the adults or children market, with the potential of using many different flavours and whiteners:

      • Tooth paste
      • Tooth gel
      • Mouth wash
  • Home & Shoe Care

    • Royal Sanders' extensive range of products is continuously growing. Offering consumers even more ways to keep their lifestyle comfortable. The current range of home care products includes:

      • Air freshener spray
      • Carpet cleaning spray
      • Chewing gum remover

      The shoe care products are developed to protect all kinds of leather and suede

      • Shoe spray
      • Waterproof spray
  • Specials & Over-The-Counter Products

    • Royal Sanders is committed to advancing the science and innovation of special care products for various health solutions. All of which are developed to enhance the body's natural ability to heal:

      • Ear spray
      • Wart spray
      • Plaster spray